Home Recovery Program for COVID-19

The Home Recovery Program is the default model of care for fully vaccinated individuals. Based on the recent MOH guidelines, patient can recover at home with an appointed telemedicine provider.

Partner with iMedic, on board our platform today ! Our robust Telehealth services are easy to use for both physicians and patients.. We have automate the Home Recovery Vitals Diary to lessen your administrative load. We will be with you along the way in your  patient’s journey to recovery !

Reach more patients anytime, anywhere
Connect to patients from any locations regardless of where you are, even when you are not in the clinic.
Advanced remote patient monitoring
Access and review your patient’s vital signs data and electronic medical records (EMR) with smart threshold at your fingertips.
Increase productivity with automation tools
Saves your time and energy with automation tools so that you can focus more on providing consultation and care for your patients!
Seize revenue growth on digital transformation
Grow your clinic revenue by providing advance teleconsultation with telemedicine and electronic medical certificate.
Enhanced Patient Adherence Program
We take patient engagement and user experience as one of our top priorities in iMedic. We are constantly improving on our automation tools to help in enhancing patient adherence.
Raise awareness and presence
Get discovered by more patients with our digital influencer marketing campaign.

Complimentary onboarding for clinics for telemedicine for Home Quarantine ProgrammeJoin iMedic Platform!