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our Covid19 Home Monitoring Program

Join us as healthcare provider for Covid19 home quarantine patients

iMedic™ now offers home Monitoring Program for covid-19 home quarantine Patients

Provide virtual consultation and medications to Covid19 patients (category 1 or 2 mild) with iMedic.

Your trusted digital clinic platform

Telemedicine benefits have become more visible for doctors and patients to connect virtually.

iMedic™ is honoured to be selected as the service provider by MOH Singapore for managing quarantine Covid-19 patients, we strive to expand our service in Malaysia to everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Be on board with iMedic™ to deliver care at your own comfort to a broader community on our one-stop digital clinic platform.

Reach more patients anytime, anywhere

Recovery from Covid-19 with doctor don't have to be clueless and costly.

Advanced remote patient monitoring

Access and review your patient’s vital signs data and electronic medical records (EMR) with smart threshold at your fingertips.

Increase productivity with automation tools

Saves your time and energy with automation tools so that you can focus more on providing consultation and care for your patients!

Seize revenue growth on digital transformation

Grow your clinic revenue by providing advance teleconsultation with telemedicine and electronic medical certificate.

Enhanced Patient Adherence Program

We take patient engagement and user experience as one of our top priorities in iMedic. We are constantly improving on our automation tools to help in enhancing patient adherence.

Raise awareness and presence

Get discovered by more patients with our digital influencer marketing campaign.

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Join us as our partner in Covid19 Home Monitoring Program

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Provide daily teleconsultation and medications to home quarantine patients.

iMedic™ Cloud Hospital

iMedic™ Digital Clinic Platform is currently used by renowned doctors and patients in US, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Russia and Middle East countries for the diagnosis, management and treatment of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases (CVD), cancer, diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, stroke rehabilitation and other diseases.

We allow you to have full control of your own health. From your choice of doctor, measure your own personal health data with wearable or home medical devices, to allow your doctors to access your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) on iMedic™ Cloud and more.

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