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22 February 2018, Kuala Lumpur) UCrest Berhad announced today that the Company has signed a cooperation agreement with YSAR+ Joint Stock Company to jointly integrate imedic™ with the medical software system for the expansion of the customer base of YSAR+ in Russia and other countries. YSAR+ is the leading medical software developer and system integrator in providing the IT system in the healthcare industry in Russia that automate the processes and protocols in the hospitals. This collaboration will result in a complete integrated hospital information system and the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) that is seamless to the users. The system will be used for both medical consultation, analysis and prescription both inside and outside of the hospitals. This initiative will commence with one of the leading hospitals and subsequently the deployment of 42 hospitals within the targeted Region in Russia. In this collaboration, imedic will be used not only for doctor-to-patient (B2C) diagnostics, consultation and prescription, but also doctor-to-doctor or hospital-to-hospital (B2B) joint consultation or specialty or subspecialty consultations. All the doctors and specialists from the participating hospitals will be able to have access of patient’s EMR in a connected healthcare network.

“imedic™ is the most comprehensive and advance online hospital system that I have witnessed thus far. The system is synergistic to all of our product lines and with this initiative, we would be able to offer a total solution for both the physical and online hospital to our clients,” said Mr. Sergey Robsky, CEO of YSAR+. “Not only will we offer this to our existing customer base in Russia, we will also market this latest technology to hospitals outside of Russia,” he added.

“We are most delighted and excited to have the leading system integrator and software developer for healthcare in Russia collaborating with us in offering the most robust and comprehensive offline and online hospital system to the hospitals in Russia.”, said Mr. Eg Kah Yee Chairman of UCrest Berhad. “This alliance will accelerate our penetration into the market with wider reach of the doctors and patients.”

About UCrest:
UCrest is the leading mobile health platform developer and operator with its imedic™ Cloud Hospital used by thousands of doctors and patients in the US, Russia, China and other Asian countries. imedic™ is powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence and knowledge-based technology for comprehensive analysis of the health data of the users to produce timely and accurate health information.


About YSAR+

Founded in 1996, YSAR+ Joint Stock Company is a leading Russian software developer of IT system in the field of healthcare. Some of the medical products include Medical Information System, Radiology Information System, Endoscopy Software Complex and Pharmacy System. The customers are in Russia and CIS countries.


UCrest YSAR+ Press Release

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