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Why you should start managing your personal health with iMedic™ today?

Did you know? An estimated 80% of cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke, are preventable.[1] Besides, as many as 50% of all cardiac deaths due to disease in the heart’s vessels occur in individuals with no prior history or symptoms of heart disease. [2] Regardless of your gender, age or occupation, you should always manage your health closely.

Record and store your vital signs with integrated medical devices

iMedic app helps people with chronic conditions and other health conditions who may need to track daily health metrics, such as blood pressure, glucose, and oxygen saturation and so on, by measuring it automatically with the help of medical devices already available in the iMedic app. You can also input your data manually from the test reports obtained from clinics/labs/hospitals.

iMedic app allows you to use ECG medical device and upload your ECG graph which will be immediately received by doctor once you upload it.

Your Personal Electronic Medical Records

iMedic app allows user to store their own medical records safe and up-to-date, and share them securely with healthcare professionals and people you trust.

iMedic allows the patients/doctors/clinicians to upload lab reports, xrays, scan ,prescription reports and so on, to a secure location inside the app, helping doctors and patients for future reference.

Connect with your doctor at ease

Connect to your doctor for consultation at your fingertips. iMedic app allows secure messaging between patients and doctors and doctors with other doctors. For example, your surgeon can ask another surgeon to review your scan reports and provide a second opinion

Get immediate response from doctor when your vital signs present abnormality

Doctors receive alerts, when you upload your recent medical readings/records. Doctors check the alerts and respond to you immediately.

Medications to your doorstep

After your online consultation with your doctor, you may order the medication from the app and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Never miss a single appointment or medication dose

Patients can set reminders for themselves for them to not miss taking medications,any appointments or say reminding you to track your heath metrics by taking measurements using medical devices and so on. Doctors can also set reminders for their patients.

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