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UCrest and Key ASIC jointly announced today that they have held meetings and discussions with the Government of Shanxi Province and the City Government of Taiyuan on the digitalization of the healthcare industry and the development of semiconductor industry of the province at Taiyuan, the state capital of Shanxi Province. Shanxi has about 38 million people and the GPD of Shanxi is approximately 2.6 trillion Yuan in 2019. Taiyuan is also known as “dragon city” as it has produced 15 emperors in the history of China.

The digitalization of healthcare industry will be leveraging on both companies’ Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) chips together with iMedic™ platform for digital healthcare to develop next generation of medical devices or equipment based on IOMT and AI chip technologies and deploy the telemedicine services province-wide, elevating the entire industry to the next level. The development of the semiconductor can be largely accelerated by the pool of silicon proven design IPs that Key ASIC current has.

In the working session held at the Shanxi Provincial Government office, the Secretary General of Shanxi Mr. Lou Yangsheng expressed to the Chairman and CEO of Key ASIC and UCrest Mr. Eg Kah Yee and his delegation that the Secretary General of China, Mr. Xi Jinping has given the mission to Shanxi to take the lead in embarking on the journey of transformation and development of the nation, insisting on proactive, comprehensive and in-depth transformation, strategically focusing on the breakthroughs in the emerging and next generation of technologies in digitalization of the economy. Chip design and digital health are two key areas of collaboration. “We are profoundly astonished to see the speed of the transformation and development that Shanxi has achieved. The development roadmap is innovative and visionary. We are actively engaging in the digitalization of the healthcare industry based on the IoT and AI chip technologies and the aggressive and leapfrogging development plan of the semiconductor industry,” said Mr. Eg Kah Yee. “We expect to have stronger and deep
collaboration in the near future,” he added.


  • Effendy tay

    May 20, 2021 at 4:14 am

    High demand for chips for ventilator due to spread of covid 19 infection in many first World countries


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